Photographs are how we connect past to present and how we share our family stories with younger generations. In recent years, most people keep their photos on phones or computers. Phones are easily lost, computers crash, and hard drives freeze. Online storage systems are essential, but digital and we don’t really know if they are 100% safe. Printing is the best way to keep your memories safe. Printing provides tangible photo history for future generations to easily find and look at. It is important that your photographs can be found. High quality prints will stand the test of time because current technology is developing better inks and archival papers than ever before. The preservation of your memories depends on printing your most important images. Printed albums and wall art can be passed down from generation to generation creating a legacy for families to cherish and enjoy.

It is our job as family historians to provide a full service to print your photographs and family memories. Photography is more than a digital image. We work with our clients from designing their ideal portrait session to installing finished portraits on their walls and everything in between. This process is a delicate and unique experience and we want you to feel as though you are creating heirlooms to pass through your family for many years to come. This is an investment that is priceless and designed to be the perfect fit for you.


“I love love love the photos Jean took of my family. She opened up her home and made everyone feel so comfortable and relaxed, it really shows in the pictures she took. I knew I made the right choice from our first consult appointment all the way to the final ordering of canvases, you seemed to understand exactly what I was looking for. The most precious artwork is that of my family, beautifully displayed on my walls, I can’t thank Jean enough!”

  • The Prang Family